Best Cases - company export success and career development of the participants

A presentation of the implementation and effects of the ITM Worldwide Program in different countries. Program evaluations, company export growth and career development of the participants.The ITM Worldwide Concept was tesed internationally for the first time 2006 and the internationally expension started 2008 when the ITM Worldwide Foundation was founded. Since then we have trined almost 500 export trainees and export managers in 27 countries in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. We are now able to see the effect of the ITM Worldwide Conceopt in some of the partner countries.

The Slovenia Case:

Between 2007-2011 the 27 companies in Slovenia who took part in the ITM Worldwide program has enterd more than 43 new foreign markets. Their sales revenues have in average increased by 44 percent per year. Only two out of 27 companies have not entered a new foreign market yet, but are reday to do it in 2013. 

Eight out of 27 patticipants were promoted, one was appointed as managing director. Five prticipants established their own companies, four of them are already internationalized.

50 percent of the participants said that the ITM Worldwide program exceeded their expectations.

By the end of 2012 56 participants have completed the ITM Worldwide Program in Slovenia since 2006.

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